Meet the Team

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Joe Gavazzi

Founder & CEO



I was born in Oakmont, PA – a couple blocks from the world famous Oakmont Country Club, before it became world famous. I attended Denison University in Granville, Ohio, where I played varsity basketball and was a member of a golf team that won four conference championships.  I graduated from Denison University with a B.A. in Economics.  Some of my most memorable moments are the times I spent with my Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers.

I opened the phone lines of Private Players of Pittsburgh in the fall of 1979.  As a pioneer of the still growing sports service industry, I have been involved in virtually every phase of its development.

For nearly a decade beginning in the mid-80s, I co-authored “Playbook” with Marc Lawrence of Preferred Picks.  Later, I wrote and edited “Power Plays” in conjunction with Steve Turner of Texas Sports Wire.

In the mid 80’s, I was among the first to operate a group of highly successful 900 numbers, again pioneering industry change.

The 1990’s saw immense change in the area of technology and communication.  With nearly two decades of experience, my expertise and advice were sought by numerous off-shore sports books as they looked to gain a foothold in the sports betting industry.  I served as consultant to multiple sports books on the Island of Curacao and was a General Managing Partner of Casino of the Americas on the Island of St. Kitts.  These years provided outstanding education, as I was able to experience the mentality of the average sports bettor as well as that of the linemaker.

It was also in the decade of the 1990s that I transitioned seamlessly to the opening of my first internet site, “the green”  In recent years, I developed and initiated the Winning Sports Advice App, partnering with Apple to disseminate the information through the ITunes store.

Currently, my information is available at the website.  In addition, my volumes of articles are available on

Along the way, no one has churned out more net winners since 1979 in football, basketball and baseball.  Expertise, hard work and experience, along with a passion for my craft, ensure that will continue.

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Nava Chernoff

Director of  Marketing & Promotion

I was born in Eilat, Israel - Israel’s southernmost city located at the northern tip of the Red Sea.   At the age of twelve, I decided to leave home to live and work on Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha.  When I was twenty-five, I began my decade long journey to find my missing relatives.  My father asked me to find his two brothers and a sister I never knew existed.  He explained that they were lost in Europe during the Holocaust, but he wasn’t sure of their surnames, as his own had been changed as a young boy.

I graduated from Ridman College with Alternative Medicine degree.

In 2001 I migrated to Coral Springs, Florida with the family.  In 2004 we moved to Pittsburgh, PA.  For over a decade I was a volunteer  and was involved in several organization in our community always thrived for a better education and environment for the next generation.  In 2012 I was voted as one of the top 50 volunteers of the year in the greater Pittsburgh Area.

Currently Director of Marketing & Promotion.  Liason between Joe and the clients.