Turkey Shoot 

All Joe’s FB selections thru December 2nd

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3 BIGGEST WEEKENDS OF FB thru December 2nd

Turkey Shoot 

All Joe’s FB selections thru December 2nd Includes (3) 6% Plays

                                      👉 $395

Saturday        November 16… CFB REVENGE GAME OF THE YEAR Winner
Sunday           November 17… THE NFL GAME OF THE YEAR Winner
Saturday        November 23… CFB WTF GAME OF THE YEAR
Sunday           November 24… NFL CRUSHER GAME OF THE YEAR
Friday             November 29… CFB UNDERDOG GAME OF THE YEAR
Saturday        November 30… CFB RIVALRY GAME OF THE YEAR

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October 29, 2018  to January 10, 2019



CFB SIDES + O/U 45-25 ATS +$17,500
NFL SIDES + O/U 43-31 ATS +$8,900
CBKB 126-77 ATS +$41,300
TOTAL 214-133 ATS (62%) +$67,700

+$67,700 PROFIT


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PLAY AGAINST any favorite who runs for < 150 YPG and allows > 150 RYPG if the opponent does not.

“Running Dogs”

PLAY ON any underdog if they run for > 150 RYPG and allow < than 150 RYPG.

“Better YPPL Dogs”

PLAY ON any undergo if they have a positive YPPL and also a better YPPL differential than their opponent.

“YPR is the Answer”

PLAY ON any team as dog to (-21) with a 4.5 or more OYPR vs. a foe with a 4.5 or more DYPR, if the sum of these two is 10.0 or more.


Last week I introduced the concept of Perception/Reality plays (see article at JoeGavazziSports.com).  It is a concept that I have used for many years.  In brief, we look to make a Bounce Back Play on any team who lost the game outright but had superior statistical numbers and /or a (-3 or more) Net TO margin.  Conversely, we look to PLAY AGAINST a team who is letdown mode because they won a game in which they were outplayed in the stat column or benefited from a (+3 or more) Net TO margin.




Remember when I advised you to read and follow my “Money Management System” at JoeGavazziSports.com ?  It is most important for the CBKB wagering season. Those of you who have followed this advice have employed the MULTIPLIER EFFECT! BY NOW YOU HAVE TRIPLED YOUR BANKROLL AND WAGER ON EACH GAME.  We have never even contemplated pulling down profits with our “Triple Stack Method”.  Over 60% winners on over 300 games is an incredible feat.  Our next goal, I believe easily attainable, is over 60% winners after 500 games.

If you are not using the tenets in my “Money Management System”, please review it at  JoeGavazziSports.com and BEGIN TO DO SO IMMEDIATELY.  (P)atience, (D)iscipline, (S)elf-control.   Without them you will look (P)retty (D)amn (S)illy.

All enrollment includes ALL 6% Plays during time of your subscription

113-54 ATS (68%) 6% PLAY RECORD L7Y


How important is it to you to be  a Winner?

It is estimated that over 95% of sports gamblers are losers in the course of their lifetime.That number is definitely low! And you are one of them! It is impossible to win the way you are doing it! Making ego driven plays after watching previous games, getting “free picks” from the Internet by dart throwers, then chasing your inevitable losing streaks.I have seen it all in the last 40 years.

When you choose to commit to winning you must adhereto the patience and discipline of a proven Money Management system.   Only then, can you make the choice to commit 60 to 80 hours / week and a lifetime of experiences to make all the choices necessary to constantly cash winning tickets.Or… you can take advantage of the winning information on this site that has resulted in more net winners than any other sports service since 1979.

As always the choice is yours.



What you pay for my winning selections is minimal when compared to the difference between what you will lose with your own bets and what you will win with mine.  Think about that before making your next bet.


“MONEY MANAGEMENT” – This is your Bible.  You will be a consistent winner ONLY IF you follow its tenets.

“ARTICLES” – Read them each week to understand what it takes to build a winning sports handicapping methodology.

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