2021 Early Bird Football

Every Joe’s FB Selection through Super Bowl 2021

ONLY 👉  $745



Basketball promotion

Buy BKB package, get FREE Football for the same amount of time! 

IE: All BKB Through Final Four (FREE FB Through FF)

All BKB Through Final Four (FREE FB)  👉  $2495

All BKB Through Super Bowl (FREE FB) 👉  $1195

(30) days (FREE FB) 👉  $695


TP – Top Play 4% or higher

BKB  TP Through Final Four  👉  $1995

BKB TP Through Super Bowl 👉  $995

(30) days TP 👉  $495

CBKB (12) or more 6% Plays
64-26 ATS (72%) L7Y
  👉 $995


Sunday NFL Ticket

👉 $69

(10) College Championship Gm.

👉 $95

(40)  college Bowl Games
17-3 ATS (85%) to finish LY
Plus selected Bowl Totals

   👉 $395
All Joe’s FB selections thru Super Bowl
  👉 $595

Questions… winningsportsadvice@gmail.com CALL 724-715-7186



October 29, 2018  to January 10, 2019



CFB SIDES + O/U 45-25 ATS +$17,500
NFL SIDES + O/U 43-31 ATS +$8,900
CBKB 126-77 ATS +$41,300
TOTAL 214-133 ATS (62%) +$67,700

+$67,700 PROFIT


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