MLB Streakers by Joe Gavazzi Winning Sports Advice

MLB Streakers by Joe Gavazzi Winning Sports Advice


Monday, July 2, 2018


Many of you have bought into the positive mind-set which has been embedded into your subconscious by this bureau.  Some others of you may be using your own motivational tool to “live in the now” with the understanding that only you control each conscious thought at each point in time.  There seems to be a direct correlation between those positive thoughts and the overall success in life.  Regardless of the individual way we choose to motivate ourselves, there are some “streaks in life” where things just don’t go our way.

That is the same thing that happens to most MLB teams in the course of the grueling 162 MLB Season that stretches for 6 months.  Perhaps it is all about the strength of schedule, perhaps it is multiple injuries, or perhaps it is the randomness of the fact that Baseball is truly a game of inches.

At the end of each MLB Season, a quick review of the standings will show you that almost every year 26 of the 27 of the 30 teams play within .400 to .600 baseball.  As this article is written Monday, July 2nd, MLB teams have just completed the month of June, a point in time which commonly corresponds to the half way point in the MLB Season.  A review of the standings shows us that ALL 15 TEAMS IN THE NL ARE PLAYING .400 TO .585 BASEBALL.  In the American League, the story is much different with 4 teams (NYY, Boston, Houston, Seattle) exceeding the .600 level while 3 teams (CWS, KC, Baltimore) are all sub .400.  Despite the fact these class ratings seem etched in stone, it will be no surprise if 26 or more of the 30 teams in MLB finish the year between .400 and .600.

Much like our own lives, there are stretches of ups and downs along the way.  To point that out, in the chart below, I have presented a chart of the way in which many of the 2018 MLB teams have already experienced streaks to get to the point where they are today.  This chart can be quite illuminating in its use as a predictive model when seeking to determine the underlying reasons for these team’s streaks.  In no particular order, check out the list of these teams streaks through Sunday, July 1st.


Team Record thru July 1 Current Streak Previous Streak Prior Streak
NY Mets 33-48 9-29 13-13 11-1
Milwaukee Brewers 48-35 6-8 29-10 13-17
Cincinnati Reds 36-48 11-3 17-18 8-27
Washington Nationals 42-40 7-15 24-9 11-16
Arizona Diamond Backs 47-37 21-11 2-15 24-11
Pittsburgh Pirates 40-43 3-1 11-25 26-17
San Diego Padres 37-49 3-11 24-18 10-20
LA Dodgers 44-39 1-3 27-9 16-27
Toronto Blue Jays 39-44 13-9 14-30 12-5
Tampa Bay Rays 42-41 8-1 33-32 1-8
Texas Rangers 38-47 11-3 0-7 27-37
Cleveland Indians 45-37 21-12 24-25
NY Yankees 54-27 4-6 41-12 9-9


These winning and losing streaks normally become more prevalent as the Dog Days of August wear on with the Super Surgers separating themselves from the Towel Tossers.  I will update these streaks for you as the teams begin play in August following the July 31st trade deadline.  In the meantime, just remember, if you are on a bit of a downer this week, keep those positive thoughts filtering into your subconscious. Just like MLB teams, there is a winning streak on the other side of every losing streak.


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