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Thank you for your continued support and loyalty throughout this 2021 NHL Season.  I look forward to continuing to help build bankroll next season.  Thanks again for the trust.

Can’t wait to continue the ride once NFL Season begins.  I have been invited to contribute to Joe Gavazzi’s Pointspread Prognosis for NFL selections.   As “Master of the NFL Underdog”,  I will be providing analysis on a weekly basis of an OUTRIGHT UNDERDOG WINNER  in the NFL.

And you won’t want to miss my “Murdered in Cold Blood” NFL Game of the Week as part of my Late Information Selections each week in the NFL.

As always,  “tail me or fade me, makes no difference to me

Young Blood Sports preps for NHL Playoffs 


Editor’s Note:  Young Blood Sports had an incredible mid-season NHL run before cooling just a bit down the stretch.  Following his 0-2 night of last, I received this message from YBS this AM.

Where do I begin?  Both of my selections last night could not have been worse.  Things are getting difficult with Playoff implications no longer influencing game outcomes.

Am I scared?  Absolutely not!

Excited?  YES!  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Playoff  Hockey in the NHL.  In my opinion it is one of the most volatile situations in sports.  Teams get hot, and teams get soft.  BUT THERE IS A SINGULAR METHOD THAT I HAVE STUCK WITH FOR YEARS IN THIS REGARD.  MOMENTUM CARRIES OVER.

There will be a limited amount of releases early in these Playoff series.  I find it is important to relax, take notes, and enjoy the show.  Once I have a better understanding of who is who and what is what, I WILL HAVE THE UTMOST CONFIDENCE MOVING FORWARD.  In the meantime, there will be some “Best of 7 Series” prices coming your way.

Thank you for your trust, loyalty and patience.

None of us will be hoisting the Stanley Cup this year, but there is no reason we can’t pad our bankroll.

Young Blood Sports NHL Playoffs are available at the following price structure:

$449       All selections thru Stanley Cup presentation

            $295       30 consecutive days

            $14.95    Daily

Click the link that is best for you to sign up today.

You may sign up at JoeGavazziSports.com or by calling 724-715-7186


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Introducing Young Blood Sports 

It was December of 2019, before the whole 2020 pandemic thing began.  I was sitting in a local sports bar, enjoying the fact I could watch multiple Bowl games on big screens.  Fans were cheering wildly, mostly because they had a financial interest at stake.

That’s why what happened next was so unusual.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a young guy, intently attuned to his phone.  Nothing unusual there!  He was at the far end of the bar, occasionally looking at the screen in front of him.  What was unusual was that he was focused on hockey, in the midst of Bowl Season.  And the reason he was so interested in his phone is that he was watching another hockey game.

Intrigued, I approached him and introduced myself.  He said he knew who I was, and respected my work.  But his love was hockey!  As it turned out, he is a damn good hockey handicapper.  I can attest to that after following more winners than losers from him for the last couple years.  What I also love is his tag line, “Tail me, or fade me. I don’t personally give a shit”.  When I asked him why he was so passionate about sports handicapping he said, “I guess it’s just in my blood.”  Thus was born “Young Blood Sports.”  Along with the hockey, there are other selections, such as UFC, Golf, Horses, and more.  These winners are the perfect complement to the more traditional sports.

Introducing the PPQ – Percent Probability Quotient Rating System.

As you have correctly assumed from the above, Young Blood is supremely confident in his selections.  That confidence is translated by his PPQ Rating System.  The ratings range from 60% to the rare 90% play, and represent his level of confidence that the selections will cash.  If winning is your goal, Young Blood Sports is for you.

Currently, the selections are available exclusively on this site.  Go to  JoeGavazziSports.com/SHOP

.  You can “Tail ‘em or fade ‘em.  He personally doesn’t give a shit!”