“Old Dog Learns New Tricks”

As I enter my 40th year as a professional handicapper, I feel like a puppy with a new bone. THIS OLD DOG HAS LEARNED NEW TRICKS.  It started with the 2018 Baseball Season, continued with the 2018 College Football Season and concluded with the EXPLOSIVE 2018/19 College Hoops Season.  In the paragraphs below, I will give a brief review of exactly how these events unfolded.  After reading them, you can easily see why BOTH YOU AND I SHOULD BE VERY EXCITED FOR THE UPCOMING SEASONS, AS WELL AS YEARS AHEAD.


It was agony.  But I knew I was getting close. When “Billy Ball” evolved in the early part of this millennium, the era of Saber Metrics analytical analysis was born.  A myriad of new Baseball statistics evolved, all geared to analyzing individual and team performance.  I muddled my way thru the reams of data using multiple combinations searching for their optimal use.  Finally, at the conclusion of the analysis of the 2017 MLB Season, I felt confident that my principles, which evolved into rules, and strengthened by parameters had led me on the winning path.  Thus was born THE ULTIMATE OPS THEORY OF WINNING MLB ANALYSIS.  The results fulfilled my hope as a $100 risk wager evolved into profit of $6710 for the MLB Season of 2018 from April 19, 2018 to August 31, 2018.

Needless to say, we should be very excited to continue its use when our 2019 MLB Season selections begin April 15th.  I look forward to having you PLAY BALL WITH ME as we grind out a winning season this summer.


Buoyed by my just completed success in the 2018 MLB Season, I decided it was time to find ways to use the Offensive and Defensive Rushing Statistics for CFB teams to isolate those who would dominate the point of attack against their opponent, and ultimately result in winning methods for defeating the pointspread.  I began to delve through statistical data from the previous 20 years searching my catalogue of rushing situations that has shown fleeting success from time to time.  I knew the answers were there, I just needed to use hard work and my experience to get the answers.  By late September of 2018, it suddenly seemed to come together.  Supported by data from the current year, I knew I was onto something. In the next month, I isolated no fewer than 4 WINNING STATISTICAL SITUATIONS that were performing at an OVER 60% RATE.  These statistics revolved around various combinations of OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE RUNNING YARDAGE, OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE YPPL (yards/play), and OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE YPR (yards/rush).  Best of all, these began working in Week #2 of the season and continued their success through the end of the Regular Season.  Using much the same thinking, we closed out the 2018 College Bowl Season on a 17-3 ATS (85%) STREAK.  Much like the MLB Season, I KNOW YOU ARE AS EXCITED AS I AM to continue with these winning theories this coming 2019 CFB Season.


The crossover season of November and December is the toughest time in the professional sports handicapping business.  I am expected to provide winning selections in BOTH Football and Basketball.  It involves up to 100 hours/week of work. Many of you know that I log by hand every Football and Basketball game.  During that time frame in 2014, we had one of the greatest “All Sport Runs” ever when I authored OVER 60% WINNERS ON 500 GAMES.  I never thought that would happen again.  But this past season, we came close.  Not surprisingly, Basketball selections went 81-54 ATS from October 30th to November 15th.  When added to the previous 6 years of November outcomes, it has led to a 7 year record of 503-313 ATS (62%) of combined November Basketball streaks.  YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO BE A PART OF OUR NOVEMBER BASKETBALL.  That 2018 November Basketball streak, however, was just the tip of the iceberg.  By the end of the CFB Playoffs, we had an “All Sport Run” of BKB, CFB and NFL (Sides and Totals) of 220-136 ATS (62%).  That did not match the 500 game streak of 2014 but it represented a tremendous amount of profit.  But, I digress.  For what was happening in the CBKB Season was a story in and of its own.  Much like the previous seasons of 2018 MLB and CFB, I knew I was close to isolating a methodology that I could trust for a consistent output of over 60% winners.  My success in handicapping CBKB has been unparalleled since 1979.  NO ONE HAS MORE NET WINNERS!  Amazingly enough, I felt I was underachieving!  I knew I was close, I could feel it.  Unlike trying to analyze a relatively smaller amount of data for football games, you need to understand that my universe includes 250 teams in CBKB.  To some, it may have appeared I was looking for a needle in a hay stack.  With literally millions of statistical combinations to pull together, I focused on fundamentals, literally drawing upon my first exposure to organized basketball when I was 9 years old.  The results “clicked” and much like the preceding MLB and CFB Seasons, THE RESULTS WERE ASTOUNDING.  There were 18 of 20 weeks in which selections were .500 or better, $100 % of bankroll flat bet players made $32,000.  The Top Play Club won 63% of their selections and the Top of the Ticket 6% Plays went 10-3 ATS, running the record, for the L7Y, to 111-51 ATS (69%) ON ALL 6% PLAYS.  I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE BALL TO GO IN THE AIR NEXT NOVEMBER 6TH, AND I KNOW YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY TOO.


In closing this Annual Report, I want to once again mention my “Money Management Theory”.   Most of you know it was the first thing I wrote in 1979 before opening my phone lines for my Sports Handicapping Service.  It’s tenets are still true today. Before you begin another season, I urge you to review its parameters at JoeGavazziSports.com.  Please pay special attention to the “Multiplier Effect”.  Those who used it saw their bankroll, and bet size, along with their profits, TRIPLE in the just completed CBKB Season.

I look forward to seeing your name on my Master List of Preferred Clients when we begin to PLAY BALL on April 15th. The cost of only $9/day, in these upwardly spiraling economic times is truly a bargain compared to the profit you will earn.

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