The 135 Defensive Dandy Club


By Joe Gavazzi   Winning Sports Advice

We know from many years of experience that the winning formula, both SU and ATS, for any basketball team is “defense, rebounding, taking care of the basketball, and shot selection”.  In an article last week entitled “The Rats are Back” at, we looked at the Rebounding, Assists and Turnover statistics.  They are a major contributing factor to the current 63% ATS run of this bureau.  Today, I present a relatively simplistic formula that can help you isolate a superior defensive team when doing your daily handicapping.  Through December 10, 2018, 37 of our 251 teams qualify as “135 Defensive Dandies”.  Below are the 3 critical percentages which I combine for the following conclusion:

Look to PLAY ON any team who

  • allows 65 or less PPG
  • allows 40% or less from the field
  • allows 32% or less from behind the arc

When the sum of these three numbers is less than 135, you have a “Defensive Dandy”. 

Currently, the 37 teams who qualify have a record of 271-67 SU (80%) and 195-123 ATS (61%).

These numbers are easy to find with the help of the internet.  Remember to follow the parameters exactly as listed and you will reap the rewards of why defense is one of the critical factors in successful basketball handicapping.

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