(Q)  How do you handicap games?

(A)  I use a blend of fundamental, statistical, situational, and technical handicapping.  My style can be experienced in my written game analysis for paid clients as well as in my Pointspread Prognosis Football Newsletter, and in the FREE games and articles I post on and joegavazzisports.com.

(Q)  What is your record?

(A)  Since 1979, I have provided my clients with more net profit than any other public handicapper.  Second place isn’t even close.  My 36 year record is one of 57% accuracy.  You can read how good 57% is by reviewing the article entitled “How Good is 57%” on Winning Sports Advice.com or at Joe Gavazzi Sports.com.  Or you can do a simple analysis for yourself by determining how much profit you would make, at your average bet size, over 100 or 1,000 games.  Compare that profit to that which you would have made in any other investment vehicle for a similar period of time.  You will quickly see how good 57% is and why I have more repeat clientele than anyone in the industry.

(Q)  How do you rate your games and how much should I play on each game?

(A)  Since 1979, I have been unique in the industry in rating by games of % of bankroll.   My games are rated 2% (Strong Opinion), 3% (Regular Play), 4% (Strong Play), and 5% (Top Play).  Then there are the occasional 6% Top of the Ticket plays that entering the 2015 Football season are on a run of 49- ATS 85% on CFB SIDES, NFL SIDES, and CBKB.   To determine your bankroll size and how to use it, read my article on Money Management.   It is the first thing I wrote when I opened by phone lines in 1979.

(Q)  How do I know you are for real?

(A) Spending time at my websites should give you all the answers you need.  I am a prolific writer, who authors all the material on the site, ranging from topics including “Psychology of Sports Betting,“ “Handicapping Related Articles,” as well as daily game analysis for current football, baseball and basketball games.  Aside from reviewing the website, I invite you to do your due diligence.  I am sure you will find reports that I am honest, hardworking, and treat my clientele fairly.  This includes rates which are among the best bang for the buck in the sports service industry.  I may  be reached by email at WinningSportsAdvice@gmail.com

What Our Clients Have to Say

Nice run, Joe but you know I’m not surprised.  Virtually every year I have been with you since the early 90s there has been a 60% run of 200 or more games.  You may just be the GOAT at College hoop capping.

Steve P

Nice “All Sport Run” as you call it, Joe.  Thanks!  My new part time job is finding more “outs”!


Great December   I feel like I’m stealing.  The lifetime annual fee I paid is like pocket change.

Mark S

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