The Experts for the Pointspread Prognosis have over 200 years of combined experience in the Sports Betting arena.  Among that experience is Bookmaker, Managing Partner of Offshore Sportsbook, Head of a Sports Betting Syndicate, Professional Sports Bettor, Beard, Bagman, and Pole Dancer (yes, you Sheila!). Their selections are based on contacts, information, intuition, observation, and experience.

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I opened the phone lines of Private Players of Pittsburgh in the fall of 1979.  As a pioneer of the still growing sports service industry, I have been involved in virtually every phase of its development.


Each of our handicappers are trained in a special mindset of sports.

The Breakfast Club

Five high school buddies who played sports together and loved to gamble have now met in the same Diner in North Philly for over 30 years.  These “old school” guys hate the internet and use only phones for their contacts.  Experience and connections are all about what’s making money in this business.  Every season, they author a 70% winning streak.  Follow them to cash winning tickets

Dave Parsoni

Dave’s area of expertise is in the ACC and BIG 10.  He proves that drilling down on an isolated number of teams can lead to consistently big profits.  If that is your kind of ‘capper, he will make you big coin as a consistent 60% handicapper.

Mark Harlan

Harlan was born on the wrong side of the tracks in NYC.  To pay the bills, he became a “bagman” for an NYC Syndicate.  10% does not sound like much unless you are talking about millions of dollars.  The inside info he gets from traveling the east coast for decades has put him on the right side of the number over 65% of the time in most seasons.  Win big with Mark!

Cheetah (Sheila) Leggins

Rebelling from her domineering father in her late teens, Cheetah became a pole dancer and numbers runner in Myrtle Beach.   When she learned that “bearding” for the money movers in Myrtle Beach was better than having her tits and ass grabbed, she began to work full time in sports.  The inside information connections she has built up over 30 years makes Cheetah a consistent winner every season usually over 60% of the time.

Roger Larson

​A lifetime of experience… professional handicapper, sports bettor, bookmaker, and beard.  All of the above means you should listen to the advice of every nugget that he writes.  This year, he graces us with an NFL teaser every week.  This is free money.  Bet them!


What Our Clients Have to Say

I was skeptical to use Joe’s system, but I’m winning and making money on his advice. I’m so excited for any season to start.

– John P

Ah winning. As the saying goes by Charlie Sheen. My friends always ask what’s my secret. I tell them about Joe and his numbers. Works very well for me.

_ Peter A