The Experts for the Pointspread Prognosis have over 200 years of combined experience in the Sports Betting arena.  Among that experience is Bookmaker, Managing Partner of Offshore Sportsbook, Head of a Sports Betting Syndicate, Professional Sports Bettor, Beard, Bagman, and Pole Dancer (yes, you Sheila!). Their selections are based on contacts, information, intuition, observation, and experience.

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I opened the phone lines of Private Players of Pittsburgh in the fall of 1979.  As a pioneer of the still growing sports service industry, I have been involved in virtually every phase of its development.

For nearly a decade beginning in the mid-80s, I co-authored “Playbook” with Marc Lawrence of Preferred Picks.  Later, I wrote and edited “Power Plays” in conjunction with Steve Turner of Texas Sports Wire.  In the mid 80’s, I was among the first to operate a group of highly successful 900 numbers, again pioneering industry change.  The 1990’s saw immense change in the area of technology and communication.  With nearly two decades of experience, my expertise and advice were sought by numerous off-shore sports books as they looked to gain a foothold in the sports betting industry.  I served as consultant to multiple sports books on the Island of Curacao and was a General Managing Partner of Casino of the Americas on the Island of St. Kitts.  These years provided outstanding education, as I was able to experience the mentality of the average sports bettor as well as that of the linemaker.  It was also in the decade of the 1990s that I transitioned seamlessly to the opening of my first internet site, “the green”  In recent years, I developed and initiated the Winning Sports Advice App, partnering with Apple to disseminate the information through the ITunes store.  Currently, my information is available at the website.  In addition, my volumes of articles are available on  Along the way, no one has churned out more net winners since 1979 in football, basketball and baseball.  Expertise, hard work and experience, along with a passion for my craft, ensure that will continue.


Each of our handicappers are trained in a special mindset of sports.

The Breakfast Club

5 high school buddies who played sports together and loved to gamble have now met in the same Diner in North Philly for over 30 years.  These “old school” guys hate the internet and use only phones for their contacts.  Experience and connections are all about what’s making money in this business.  Every season, they author a 70% winning streak.  Follow them to cash winning tickets.

Back in the 1990s, I had a client from Philly who knew guys who had become known as The Breakfast Club.  My introduction to them has proven most valuable.  These 5 guys have known each other since childhood, and gambled their whole lives.  In the 1980s, Bruno and Nick took the initiative to bring together the 5 buddies for a morning meeting at a North Philly diner.  The rest is history!  Every morning since (major holidays excluded!) the 5 have met each morning for breakfast AT THE SAME DINER.  Each of the 5 have unique responsibilities… ergo the reason for the morning meet.  The results have been impressive, to say the least!  Ever wonder about who is responsible for those big early line moves?  If it involves an Eastern team about whom they have info, there is a good chance it is TBC.

Here’s a great insight that speaks as much about their bond as their financial success.  The recent effects of COVID have been devastating to most.  NOT THE RFEAKFAST CLUB.  With restaurants closing their doors across the nation, the north Philly diner opened each morning for breakfast.  TBC was in their “reserved booth” at 8 AM.  With 5 friends pooling funds, the owner/chef, and Gina, their daily waitress, actually made more money than usual each week.  And not once did the local police or government utter a word of dissent!

Dave Parsoni

Dave’s area of expertise is in the ACC and BIG 10.  He proves that drilling down on an isolated number of teams can lead to consistently big profits.  If that is your kind of ‘capper, he will make you big coin as a consistent 60% handicapper.

The following true story is a microcosm of Dave’s personality that will divulge all you need to know about his quick mind and aggressive behavior.  These are two of the qualities that made him A LOT OF MONEY as a highly successful attorney.  After having one too many at our fraternity house, Dave and I took off in his “White Cloud”, a 1960’s Cadillac, to his off campus apartment.  Dave decides driving a slalom course through a row of pine trees that lined the back entrance to the campus would be a challenging and clever idea.  Campus police thought otherwise.  They took off in hot pursuit and radioed ahead to town police.  As we approached the first of three red lights, all of which Dave “runs”” he looks over to me and says “now the chase is on”.  Soon we are winding up a narrow driveway leading to his apartment.  Behind us sirens are blaring and lights are flashing.  Dave pulls to a screeching halt and says “watch this”. As he exits the “White Cloud”  I can hear him say… and this is where it gets good… “Boy, am I glad to see you guys”.  I thought you were “townies” who were pissed off because we were hitting on their honeys.  Thank god, it’s you guys!”  The cops were stunned and speechless.  The consequences of his actions were harsh but, it was at that point in time I knew Dave would be an inevitable success at anything he did.

Dave and his wife, who may actually be the more savvy of the two, now have homes in Clemson (remember that!) and Arizona.  Much of their lives are spent traveling the world and drinking great Pinot Noir.  It’s what they do best, after picking winners, of course.

Mark Harlan

Harlan was born on the wrong side of the tracks in NYC.  To pay the bills, he became a “bagman” for an NYC Syndicate.  10% does not sound like much unless you are talking about millions of dollars.  The inside info he gets from traveling the east coast for decades has put him on the right side of the number over 65% of the time in most seasons.  Win big with Mark!

I first met Mark in the 1980s, when he was a “bagman” for a big New York bookmaker.  We had a 5 figure square up, meaning that when either side reached the figure at the end of the week, Mark would fly, or drive to Pittsburgh for our meeting at the Hilton bar.   In the fall and winter, Harlan wore an oversized black trench with pockets up and down the insides.  In spring and fall, it was a huge money belt.  Since Mark’s “clients” were all over the East Coast, this was essential for “accounting”.  Remember, this was before 911, nobody cared if you traveled the world with unlimited cash.  Why did I think that would never end.  In the course of our visit, Mark proved to be an excellent source of insider knowledge from his many contacts.

Today, Mark and his wife are empty nesters in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City.  Each of their children is a college graduate from good schools.  Mark also dabbles in real estate.  But we all know that’s not how he paid for his million dollar home and kids education!

Roger Larson

A lifetime of experience… professional handicapper, sports bettor, bookmaker, and beard.  All of the above means you should listen to the advice of every nugget that he writes.  This year, he graces us with an NFL teaser every week.  This is free money.  Bet them!

My relationship with Roger dates to the VERY early 80’s.  At that time he was operating Big Green Sports.  Relative to Roger, I was a newcomer to the Industry.  Roger provided the valuable perspective of contrary thinking to my handicapping process.  That can happen when you have the perspective of operating on both sides of the fence, if you get my drift.  Roger’s advice has been most valuable in the development of my contrary handicapping model developed over the last 40 years.  In addition, Roger is arguably the most entertaining writer in the history of the Sports Service Industry.  Enjoy his analysis, his humor, and his WINNERS!

Touchdown Tony

Fifty miles south of Cleveland, just west of Canton, is the city of Massillon, Ohio, on the banks of the Tuscarawas River.

The Massillon High School football program first reached national notoriety when led by legendary Coach Paul Brown in the 1930s.. The team gained a resurgence of popularity in the 1960s  and 70s.

It was at that time I became aware of Touchdown Tony whose notoriety spread in direct proportion to his elusive runs and numerous scoring bursts.  He was also a very good student, and wildly popular with his classmates.

This was also the time when pointspreads began to proliferate, including those on notable high school teams such as Massillon.  As the Tigers began to “comfortably cover” game after game, and the bookmakers began to take a beating, it was time for a Youngstown gang known as “The 3 Gs”, (Games, Girls and Garbage removal) to step in.

Not so coincidentally, Touchdown Tony’s production decreased and the Tigers failed to cover in the face of huge money on them.  Rumors abounded that Tony was on the take.  His reputation was tarnished.  His college scholarship offers were rescinded and employment opportunities dwindled.   After graduation, Tony felt his only chance to survive was with “The 3 Gs”.  Bottom line:  “He did a nickel in the joint”, which actually turned around his life.

When he got out, good fortune smiled on Tony when his high school football recruiting connections helped him attain an academic scholarship to Duke University.  His national football notoriety led to numerous ACC Insider Connections.  His betting acumen led to much more than a little WAM.

In the following seven years, Tony exited North Carolina, Chapel Hill with an MBA and Law Degree.  Along with the forgiveness of his family and friends, Tony returned to Northeastern Ohio where he married his high school sweetheart, raised 2 children, and used his business and Law degree to amass a small fortune.

One more thing… he still has those great connections in the ACC.  And that’s where we come in as we profit every week with his selections in Joe Gavazzi’s Pointspread Prognosis!

Young Blood Sports

It was December of 2019, before the whole 2020 pandemic thing began.  I was sitting in a local sports bar, enjoying the fact I could watch multiple Bowl games on big screens.  Fans were cheering wildly, mostly because they had a financial interest at stake.

That’s why what happened next was so unusual.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a young guy, intently attuned to his phone.  Nothing unusual there!  He was at the far end of the bar, occasionally looking at the screen in front of him.  What was unusual was that he was focused on hockey, in the midst of Bowl Season.  And the reason he was so interested in his phone is that he was watching another hockey game.

Intrigued, I approached him and introduced myself.  He said he knew who I was, and respected my work.  But his love was hockey!  As it turned out, he is a damn good hockey handicapper.  I can attest to that after following more winners than losers from him for the last couple years.  What I also love is his tag line, “Tail me, or fade me. I don’t personally give a shit”.  When I asked him why he was so passionate about sports handicapping he said, “I guess it’s just in my blood”.  Thus was born “Young Blood Sports”.  Along with the hockey, there are other selections, such as UFC, Golf, Horses, and more.  These winners are the perfect complement to the more traditional sports.

Introducing the PPG – Percent Probability Quotient Rating System.

As you have correctly assumed from the above, Young Blood is supremely confident in his selections.  That confidence is translated by his PPQ Rating System.  The ratings range from 60% to the rare 90% play, and represent his level of confidence that the selections will cash.  If winning is your goal, Young Blood Sports is for you.

Currently, the selections are available exclusively at  You can “Tail ‘em or fade ‘em.  He personally doesn’t give a shit!”

Cheetah (Sheila) Leggins

Rebelling from her domineering father in her late teens, Cheetah became a pole dancer and numbers runner in Myrtle Beach.   When she learned that “bearding” for the money movers in Myrtle Beach was better than having her tits and ass grabbed, she began to work full time in sports.  The inside information connections she has built up over 30 years makes Cheetah a consistent winner every season usually over 60% of the time.

I first met Sheila (Cheetah) Leggins on Paradise Island, Bahamas.  She was pole dancing in (you guessed it!) cheetah leggings and matching bra.  After one too many Yellow Birds (Galiano, Rum, Triple Sec, lime juice, pineapple juice and crushed ice)… actually ONE is usually too many… night turned into day.  During brunch, I learned that Sheila was the daughter of a wealthy real estate tycoon in Myrtle Beach… thus her affinity for night life and the beach.  She matriculated at Clemson explaining her love of felines.  In her younger days, Sheila and her friends would spend their autumns traveling the nation to root for teams with feline names.  Of course, they were always appropriately attired in feline gear.  Knowing my profession, Sheila would often check in with me to relay inside information on one of the teams.  Apparently, lips are loose when engaging with hot women at a bar.  More often than not, the information proved to be most useful.  My friendship with Sheila continues to this day.  She has maintained her many contacts throughout the nation.  This year, we will all profit from Sheila’s acumen with her Feline Feature of the Week.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Joe… Thanks for the great coll hoop year.  I paid off my Harley, gave my wife $10,000 (gotta keep her happy) and went on a golf trip with my buddies.  Can’t wait to do it again with you.


Joe… MLB had a great run this year and made paying for that expensive family vacation a whole lot less painful.  Can’t wait for football.

Mike R.