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The Best Top Plays in the Industry… bar none!!!

142-69 ATS (67%) L9Y

20-7 ATS (74%) LY

10-2 ATS (83%) CFB Last Season



  • $1495 (SAVE over 40%)… (25) or more CFB & CBKB 6% Plays
  • $895… (12) or more 6% CFB Plays
  • $495… 6 PACL of 6% CFB Plays
  • $100… Your next 6% Play


The History of the 6% Plays

By Joe Gavazzi  

It was February  2013.  My CBKB plays were on a typical late season roll.  They were over 60% on over 200 plays.  But the real standout was my (then) Top of the Ticket 5% plays. They were “jumping off the page at me” several times a week. These were cashing over 70% of the time!  That’s when I thought, “ these are worth more than 5% risk”.  And so, THE 6% PLAYS WERE BORN.  We went on to a record of 11-2 ATS in the 2013 CBKB Season, and, as they say, the rest is history.

When Football rolled around in the Fall of 2013, my clients began to ask “When is the 1st 6% play?”  Hmmm, I thought, why not?  After 4 or 5 games are played, I have plenty of data for plays worthy of 6% status.  Plus, my November Nockout clients, who get 70% BIG GAME WINNERS GUARANTEED, will love it!  As a result, Football selections joined the 6% package. 

What makes a play qualify for 6% status?

After nearly 14,000 straight days of handicapping since 1979, my EXPERIENCE (gut feeling or intuition) allows many of these 6% plays to “jump off the page at me”, as written earlier.  From that point, I go through an analytical check list of fundamental, statistical, situational, and technical handicapping that must support my opinion.  When I get enough analytical support, AND I BELIEVE THERE IS SUFFICIENT LINE VALUE, the play then qualifies for 6% status.  There are at least (12) CFB and (13) CBKB 6% plays/year.  They begin in early October of the Football Season and late January for CBKB.  However, NOVEMBER CBKB IS SO PROFITABLE – OVER 60% EACH OF THE LAST 8 YEARS – THAT THERE MAY BE 1 OR 2 CBKB PLAYS IN NOVEMBER THIS YEAR.  Stay tuned…

How can I get Joe Gavazzi’s 6% plays?

First of all… THESE PLAYS ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY!  They are for SERIOUS PLAYERS WHO WANT TO WIN SERIOUS MONEY.  I suggest you are able to risk a nickle/game (minimum) or are part of a “buddy group” who can move at least $500/play.  I know for a fact I have “dime” players who are moving 6 dimes a rattle when they receive a 6% play from me.

The cost of the 6% play is $100/selection…  WIN OR LOSE.  THAT PRICE HAS NOT CHANGED IN 9 YEARS.  If you believe that price to be exorbitant for one selection – well, as scripted above – these games are not for everyone.  Yet, one look at the record above and you can only conclude that THE 6% PLAYS ARE THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK IN THE SPORTS SERVICE INDUSTRY. 

If you are sold after reading the above, you want to know

How do I sign up?

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