What the hell just happened!?!?

I was putting the final touches on the evening card for Thursday, March 12th.  I was excited and confident knowing that we entered the day on a 27-9 ATS run the previous 4 days, a common occurrence in Championship week.

Suddenly, it happened!  My Don Best screen of world wide betting lines became a sea of red, indicating ALL GAMES WERE CANCELED.  Tuning into ESPN confirmed this.

As the day progressed, we would learn that all major professional sports leagues would discontinue scheduled games.

That included the balance of Championship week and the upcoming NCAA Tourney.  In fact, many conferences canceled all spring and winter sports.  Unprecedented to say the least!

Global markets continue to be negatively impacted.  The Dow Jones average has now lost 30% of its value since responding to the fact that there is no vaccine for the quickly spreading Coronavirus.  Supply chains have been disrupted, negatively impacting economic growth.  Any large gathering has been disallowed.  Schools have closed.  The entire country of Italy is under quarantine.  Only time will tell if these responses are an overreaction.

Many of you are loyal clients who have been with me for the majority of my forty years as a professional handicapper.  We have shared many winning streaks together, and endured losing streaks as well.  If you are like I am the events of the previous 24 hours can only be described as SURREAL.

Personally, I am still dealing with the fact that a profession which has become a passion has been stripped from the fabric of my life. My daily routine is no longer a reality.  At least in the near future I will no longer be doing my daily routine of logging scores, transferring data to the schedule, handicapping the games, releasing my selections to you, then watching the (hopefully) winning scores roll in.  I am confident that each of you will miss this part of your life, just as I will.

As we have learned from past experience “This, too, shall pass.” Hopefully, sooner rather than later.  The NBA playoffs, and MLB season will become a reality allowing me the opportunity to be back in the (handicapping) saddle again.


With the inevitable peaks and valleys of sports betting I find the words of Jimmy V “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up” to resonate in my conscious.

There will be no “trip to the islands” for this handicapper.  Rather, I plan on using my time constructively to reflect, write, and refine my research that will lead to a BEST EVER NBA PLAYOFFS, AND MLB SEASON.

Toward that end I will keep you updated on a regular basis.

In closing I would like to thank you for the your continued loyalty and belief in my passion for providing winning sports betting selections using my proven handicapping methodology.  I look forward to counting each and every one of you on my list of clients, once the way has been paved for action to take place again.

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