The Breakfast Club



The Breakfast Club

Back in the 1990s, I had a client from Philly who knew guys who had become known as The Breakfast Club.  My introduction to them has proven most valuable.  These 5 guys have known each other since childhood, and gambled their whole lives.  In the 1980s, Bruno and Nick took the initiative to bring together the 5 buddies for a morning meeting at a North Philly diner.  The rest is history!  Every morning since (major holidays excluded!) the 5 have met each morning for breakfast AT THE SAME DINER.  Each of the 5 have unique responsibilities… ergo the reason for the morning meet.  The results have been impressive, to say the least!  Ever wonder about who is responsible for those big early line moves?  If it involves an Eastern team about whom they have info, there is a good chance it is TBC. 

Here’s a great insight that speaks as much about their bond as their financial success.  The recent effects of COVID have been devastating to most.  NOT THE RFEAKFAST CLUB.  With restaurants closing their doors across the nation, the north Philly diner opened each morning for breakfast.  TBC was in their “reserved booth” at 8 AM.  With 5 friends pooling funds, the owner/chef, and Gina, their daily waitress, actually made more money than usual each week.  And not once did the local police or government utter a word of dissent!

What Our Clients Have to Say

I was skeptical to use Joe’s system, but I’m winning and making money on his advice. I’m so excited for any season to start.

– John P

Ah winning. As the saying goes by Charlie Sheen. My friends always ask what’s my secret. I tell them about Joe and his numbers. Works very well for me.

_ Peter A