Professional Sports Bettors know you can never have too many outs.  The reason for this is easy.  As you know, EVERY HALF POINT MATTERS.  You know the agony of a ½ point loss, and the exhilaration of a ½ point win.  These same players also understand REDUCED JUICE SAVES YOU BIG BUCKS.  And, WHAT YOU SAVE IS WHAT YOU EARN.  Think about how much you would have in your pocket if your “juice bill” was 50%. 






LOOSE LINES is a Sportsbook located in San Jose, Costa Rica, known as the mecca of International Sportsbooks.  The great thing about LOOSE LINES is that it offers REDUCED JUICE ON EVERY WAGER.  Based on the action I have given to them, I HAVE SAVED OVER 50% OF THE JUICE ON MY LOSSES.  I think it is crazy to wager any other way.  Combined with their VERY STRONG BONUS OFFERS and professional, knowledgeable customer service, I give them an A+ Sportsbook rating.  To begin to save money, get fair lines, and be treated with the respect you deserve, I strongly advise you to do this before you place your next bet.  I have made arrangements for you to take advantage of the same personal service that I get at LOOSE LINES.  I urge you to do this today:




1.  Click on LOOSE LINES


2.  Create an account and enter your exclusive JOE150 code in the Promotional Box in the Sign Up Form.


3.  Once you have created the account, make your 1st deposit and talk to Customer Support about your JOE150 code so they can credit you with YOUR FREE SIGN UP BONUS.


4.  Get ready to start winning!


Let’s win together starting this weekend at LOOSE LINES.  Remember to use the promo code above.



Best Regards


Joe Gavazzi


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