Sports to return

Sports to return

May 30th 2020

This is the 6th bi-monthly report I have authored since the untimely demise of the college and pro sports since March 11th.  Before I begin that report, I feel obligated to use this forum to deliver a message about the state of our planet.  Each of the 8 billion people on earth SHOULD echo the sentiments that follow.

There is not only a great divide, but also a great dichotomy, that is at work, most specifically in America.  While dealing with the effect of COVID-19, over 100,000 lives of Americans have been lost.  And we are still counting.  It is easily the largest death toll of any nation on earth.  This accrued despite the fact that a large majority of the population was practicing safe health habits, social distancing and were sheltering in place.  While this was occurring in the last 11 weeks thousands of front line workers, including a multitude of nurses, doctors, and first responders were giving great sacrifice, in the face of contracting the virus, to save the lives of thousands of others.  The actions of these brave heroes are in stark contrast to the event that took place Wednesday afternoon in Minneapolis.

Responding to a call from a convenience store that a customer was “passing a bad 20,” hardly a major crime, four Minnesota police officers handcuffed and detained 46-year-old George Floyd.   Floyd went to the ground, beside a police vehicle.  Video footage rolled of the events that took place for the next 9 minutes.  Police officer Derek Chauvin “put his knee on the windpipe” of Floyd, who laid on the ground for nearly 6 minutes, protesting his inability to breathe.  THE CRIME CAME IN THE NEXT NEARLY 3 MINUTES AS FLOYD LAID ON THE GROUND, NOT PROTESTING with Chauvin’s knee still on his windpipe.  The three officers surrounding the scene are, in my opinion, equally legally responsible for the fact Floyd died before the ambulance could reach the hospital.  Chauvin has been charged with manslaughter, third-degree murder.  Now, Chauvin may not have awakened Wednesday morning with a premeditated motive to kill George Floyd, but when he refused to release his knee while Floyd lay motionless, whatever the other mitigating factors were, IT IS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WHO WITNESSED  THE EVENT, THAT CHAUVIN ACTED WITH FULL INTENT TO KILL FLOYD.  In everyone’s eyes, this is a heinous crime of one human against another. Complicating that fact is that Chauvin is white, and Floyd is black.

As predicted, and complicated by the fact that millions of Americans are angry, frustrated, and jobless while sheltered in place for three month,  protesters took to the streets.  Peaceful protest is legal and acceptable.  By Friday night, however, there were no less than 3500 protests that had turned violent, including four major cities of New York, Washington, Oakland, and Minneapolis.  Sadly this is but a microcosm of the racial hatred that has existed for the last 250 years of our nation.  These events have echoed the words of Martin Luther King, who said, over 50 years ago, “Returning hate for hate only leads to more hate.”

Solving this issue and resolving it is the job of every one of the 8 billion people on this planet. Otherwise, we truly have to consider if we are worthy of occupying our planet.

Now on to matters that relatively less important.

The NBA looks like a late July return to action, probably with anywhere from 16-22 teams.

The owners and players of MLB continue to squabble over their millions of Dollars, making their once planned early July return more and more less likely each day. This, while much of America is going hungry.

In the world of CFB the NCAA allowed schools to open practice facilities June 1st.  Greatest fallout may be the rift between the Power Five Leagues and the NCAA.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the NFL is scheduled to return with a full slate of games beginning August 6th.  WHAT VIRUS?  Though they will not feel that way playing in front of empty stadiums.

Back in two weeks with another update.

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