Roger Larson



Roger Larson

My relationship with Roger dates to the VERY early 80’s.  At that time he was operating Big Green Sports.  Relative to Roger, I was a newcomer to the Industry.  Roger provided the valuable perspective of contrary thinking to my handicapping process.  That can happen when you have the perspective of operating on both sides of the fence, if you get my drift.  Roger’s advice has been most valuable in the development of my contrary handicapping model developed over the last 40 years.  In addition, Roger is arguably the most entertaining writer in the history of the Sports Service Industry.  Enjoy his analysis, his humor, and his WINNERS! 

What Our Clients Have to Say

I was skeptical to use Joe’s system, but I’m winning and making money on his advice. I’m so excited for any season to start.

– John P

Ah winning. As the saying goes by Charlie Sheen. My friends always ask what’s my secret. I tell them about Joe and his numbers. Works very well for me.

_ Peter A