Return Dates Set


This is the 8th bi-monthly report since sports were discontinued on Thursday, March 12th.  There have been requests to review previous reports.  They are now available at  Just click the link(s) for the article(s) you wish to read.

MLB… after a series of immature, egotistical, public negotiations, MLB will return July 24th, with a 60 game schedule to conclude in late September, followed by Playoffs.  There will be mostly intra-division games with each team playing other division rivals 10 times.  This equals 67% of their schedule.

NBA… led by Commish Adam Silver, the NBA, with far less contentious negotiations will return July 30th with 22 teams vying for 16 Playoff sports.  Playoffs begin August 17th with a conclusion date of mid-0October.  This would be shortly before NEXT SEASON would traditionally begin.

NFL… already, out of respect for re-emerging COVID-19, the Cowboy vs. Steelers Hall of Fame game is cancelled.  The 4 game Pre-season schedule begins August 13th.

CFB… some big name schools, notably Clemson, LSU and Texas, have reported numerous Covid-19 outbreaks.  With the virus re-emerging nationwide, this appears to be the sport with the most question marks.  Note that numerous schools have already stated there will be “no sports” unless students return to campus.  Among other issues is the fact that smaller schools, who rely on one, or more, paydays in September from visits to larger schools, would not be able to “meet budget” thus forcing cancellation of their season.


“Flexibility” is the watchword for all involved in the Sports Service Industry.  This, includes leagues, teams, handicappers, and sports bettors.  Those who best succeed will maintain an awareness of the situation, accept the results… with no judgement… and have the flexibility to make the best decisions for all involved.  That will be the objective of this bureau whose vast experience will allow us to stay in the present moment while handicapping the card that is presented each day.