Mark Harlan… East Coast Insider

Mark Harlan… East Coast Insider

By Joe Gavazzi,

I first met Mark in the 1980s, when he was a “bagman” for a big New York bookmaker.  We had a 5 figure square up, meaning that when either side reached the figure at the end of the week, Mark would fly, or drive to Pittsburgh for our meeting at the Hilton bar.   In the fall and winter, Harlan wore an oversized black trench with pockets up and down the insides.  In spring and fall, it was a huge money belt.  Since Mark’s “clients” were all over the East Coast, this was essential for “accounting”.  Remember, this was before 911, nobody cared if you traveled the world with unlimited cash.  Why did I think that would never end.  In the course of our visit, Mark proved to be an excellent source of insider knowledge from his many contacts.

Today, Mark and his wife are empty nesters in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City.  Each of their children is a college graduate from good schools.  Mark also dabbles in real estate.  But we all know that’s not how he paid for his million dollar home and kids education!

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