Keeping you in the loop

Keeping you in the loop

April 30th 2020


This will be my forth biweekly update since March 12th 2020 when they pulled the plug on all major sports.  In this communication I will give an update, by sport, of the plans to resume competition as of April 30th.



Commish Adam Silver has said he will review the possibility of continuing NBA season after May 1st.  Practice facilities are scheduled to reopen beginning May 8th, with no more than four players and no coaches. BUT, Golden State HC Steve Kerr recently said, “It definitely feels like the season is over for us.”


Numerous plans have been floated with the most recent being a split of the 30 teams into three divisions based on geography.  The EAST would play games in Florida, MIDWEST would play games in Texas, and the WEST would play games in Arizona.  All games would be within the same division with hopes of a 100 game season beginning in late June.  Most likely no fans, but games would be broadcast in home cities, which along with national broadcasts would be a major source of revenue.


Hopes are for the season to continue as planned


With many new coaches, coordinators and players most teams rely on a six week window, beginning with strength and conditioning and heat acclamation, to prepare for the season.  If the COVID-19 is yet to be contained, one contingency plan is to play conference games only, beginning October first.  This would be a kiss of death for smaller schools who rely on ”money games” vs the big boys in September.  An alternative plan is for games to be played AFTER THE SUPER BOWL.  This would hopefully insure fan attendance, which would still be questionable should they play in the fall.

When they do return I will be well prepared to handicap all games and release selections as our industry returns to normalcy.


As the economy is now in the process of SLOWLY reopening it appears that there is  little hope for a V-shaped recovery.  My opinion is that a full economic recovery will not occur until a vaccine is available to all.  We can’t have healthy sports without healthy players and fans.  The health of our population and economy are best served by following the advice of health professionals.


As related in my previous emails any time missed on your past subscription will be fully credited when action returns.

Until my next transition be well and stay safe.

Best regards


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