Dave Parsoni



Dave Parsoni

The following true story is a microcosm of Dave’s personality that will divulge all you need to know about his quick mind and aggressive behavior.  These are two of the qualities that made him A LOT OF MONEY as a highly successful attorney.  After having one too many at our fraternity house, Dave and I took off in his “White Cloud”, a 1960’s Cadillac, to his off campus apartment.  Dave decides driving a slalom course through a row of pine trees that lined the back entrance to the campus would be a challenging and clever idea.  Campus police thought otherwise.  They took off in hot pursuit and radioed ahead to town police.  As we approached the first of three red lights, all of which Dave “runs”” he looks over to me and says “now the chase is on”.  Soon we are winding up a narrow driveway leading to his apartment.  Behind us sirens are blaring and lights are flashing.  Dave pulls to a screeching halt and says “watch this”. As he exits the “White Cloud”  I can hear him say… and this is where it gets good… “Boy, am I glad to see you guys”.  I thought you were “townies” who were pissed off because we were hitting on their honeys.  Thank god, it’s you guys!”  The cops were stunned and speechless.  The consequences of his actions were harsh but, it was at that point in time I knew Dave would be an inevitable success at anything he did. 

Dave and his wife, who may actually be the more savvy of the two, now have homes in Clemson (remember that!) and Arizona.  Much of their lives are spent traveling the world and drinking great Pinot Noir.  It’s what they do best, after picking winners, of course.


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I was skeptical to use Joe’s system, but I’m winning and making money on his advice. I’m so excited for any season to start.

– John P

Ah winning. As the saying goes by Charlie Sheen. My friends always ask what’s my secret. I tell them about Joe and his numbers. Works very well for me.

_ Peter A