Dave Parsoni… Bon Vivant and World Traveler Selection by Dave Parsoni and copy by Joe Gavazzi

Louisville (-2-)  7:30 PM ET  ABC TV

Parsoni is pissed!  Mostly because his safari to Africa has been cancelled.  But also because his Clemson Tigers, who were covering at the half, saw their 3rd team allow Wake to back door them.   To take out his vengeance for that defeat, Dave is giving us Louisville (-2-) in the “Revenge Game of the Week”.  Expect close to 20,000 fans in the stands for this Saturday night prime time game.  They will be rooting for their Cardinals to avenge a 52-27 loss last year at Miami.  The Canes defense looked tough in their opening day 31-14 win and cover against CUSA member, UAB.  Houston transfer QB King provided balance with his legs and speed.  There were clearly however, some kinks to be worked out of the new “spread offense” installed by OC Lashlee.  It resulted in just a 10-24 performance through the air for QB King.  Meanwhile, behind 343 PY from QB Cunningham (knocked out of Miami game LY) last week, the Cards cruised to a 35-21 home win and cover vs. WKY.  That boosted the recent record to Cards mentor HC Satterfield to 17-8 ATS going back to his days at APP State.  Cards (from last year) and Parsoni (from last week) get their revenge!

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