Cheetah (Sheila) Leggins



Cheetah (Sheila) Leggins

I first met Sheila (Cheetah) Leggins on Paradise Island, Bahamas.  She was pole dancing in (you guessed it!) cheetah leggings and matching bra.  After one too many Yellow Birds (Galiano, Rum, Triple Sec, lime juice, pineapple juice and crushed ice)… actually ONE is usually too many… night turned into day.  During brunch, I learned that Sheila was the daughter of a wealthy real estate tycoon in Myrtle Beach… thus her affinity for night life and the beach.  She matriculated at Clemson explaining her love of felines.  In her younger days, Sheila and her friends would spend their autumns traveling the nation to root for teams with feline names.  Of course, they were always appropriately attired in feline gear.  Knowing my profession, Sheila would often check in with me to relay inside information on one of the teams.  Apparently, lips are loose when engaging with hot women at a bar.  More often than not, the information proved to be most useful.  My friendship with Sheila continues to this day.  She has maintained her many contacts throughout the nation.  This year, we will all profit from Sheila’s acumen with her Feline Feature of the Week.

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