2020-21 Prices

2020/21 Prices

$495 … ALL NFL SIDES   

My statistical system replicates situations that have produced 74% to 85% winners this millennium


Check this…A sports monitor said “I paid my mortgage for a year with Joe’s NFL Totals”!  Buy It… And Do It!

$495 … ALL CFB  

Know this. CFB teams who either “Double Rush” or “Run and Pass 200+ yards” cover 75% of the time.   I have principles which allow me to isolate these.

$845… ALL NFL AND CFB thru Super Bowl

Bundle & Save   Almost 50%

$1495…ALL FB AND CBKB thru Super Bowl 

CBKB 61% last 8 Novembers.  27-9 ATS March 2020.

2019… Over $32,000 profit and 62% Top Plays

$1995… ALL FB & CBKB thru Final Four

            Check out “This is how we do it”!  Hoops a must!

$295…(1) Month of Football

$95… (1) Week of Football

$49… Saturday ONLY

$49… Sunday ONLY

$19… Daily Rate  (Monday thru Friday)

724-715-7186 for questions, details or long term rates

 All selections rated 3% to 6% bankroll.  6% plays 67% last 7 years.      Plays released via email or by calling 724-715-7186


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